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We're driving 10,000 miles across the mountains and through the desert
from Europe to asia 

Raising Money For Charity

OUr GOAL IS $2,000

What are the RULES? 

Not very many…

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You Have to Raise $2,000

Each team has to contribute at least $2,000 to charity. 

You're On Your Own

You’re completely on your own

No support team here!

1.2 Liters or Less

The team has to travel 10,000 miles in a very small car. 

The Mongol Rally is an epic 10,000 mile pan-continental road trip that begins in London and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

THis is Serious BUsiness

Sure, We'll have fun. We may have a few challenges (or two) and we're not going to allow anything to stop us from giving it our best.

WE are raising Money!


Also Known as Insanity with a Smile

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Jay barton

Jay Barton is a helicopter pilot and a native of the Pacific Northwest. An outdoors enthusiast, searching for the next adventure to get himself in trouble with. Whether that be skiing the steeps of the Cascades, or going on the longest road trip of his life in a tiny, unsuitable car packed with friends to the other side of the world.


NEEL Howell

Neel Howell is a mechanical engineer from Texas. Depending on the job market, he might not come home from the rally, but we'll encourage him.


Parker Johns

Parkers a jack of all trades and still doesn't know what he's doing in life. Joined last minute it to the group with no clue what to do with his hands.


Lawrence Mascia

Lawrence Mascia is a game designer with Goodnight Games. He teaches UX/UI design at Ramapo University and has a tattoo of his friend James on his big toe.



The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental car rally that begins in Europe and ends in Ulan Ude, Russia.

The rally originally ended in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, however to avoid punitive costs and taxes associated with vehicle imports and disposal, the rally now passes through Mongolia and ends in Ulan Ude.


The Mongol Rally is a charity rally that requires participants to raise money for a non-profit/ NGO. 

We've selected an awesome non-profit based in U.K. called CoolEarth.

Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.

A second charity is Child’s Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 100 hospitals worldwide.


The Challenge

In the Mongol Rally tradition…  we’ve identified several challenges we’re going to complete.

Some are funny/ silly and some were very sentimental and meaningful.

All of them are inspired by the local cultures, landscapes and traditions.

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